i Pod’s competitor, Microsoft’s Zune is on the market in the US and will be soon available in Asia-Pacific and Europe.

Independently from the product about which we have no comments to make, the pricing model introduced by Microsoft is very interesting because it is the one we implemented with Catchyoo since the beginning.

How does it work?
Zune comes with a subscription of $15 per month which lets the user access as many tracks as he wants.
When the user stops the subscription, the tracks cannot be played anymore.
The benefit of this model is obviously the access to a very large choice of tracks and the opportunity to get always new stuff.
One can enjoy some music tracks all one’s life, but how many CDs do we never listen any more?
Zune also comes with a strong social twist. With Zune you can share music with other Zune owners. Sharing cost, resource, and experience is a very important aspect of the growing social/community trend, worldwide.
This is very close to Catchyoo approach.
Catchyoo FX are quite similar to music. A shopping mall’s visitors are surprised by an FX on the floor but it cannot last years, not even months and they must be surprised by always new FX each time they come back to the shopping mall.
Just like a music listener will not always listen the same tracks all his life, the Catchyoo owner cannot stick to the same FX for years, and not even months.
Catchyoo comes with a library of FX where Catchyoo owners can pick the right FX to create a new campaign.
As part of a subscription, the FX library is regularly updated with always new FX and Catchyoo owner can renew the "Wow" effect, leveraging their hardware investment.
Sharing is key.
Catchyoo also consider this sharing aspect as critical. With Catchyoo, customers can order customized FX which can then be shared with other Catchyoo owners as part of the FX library. It significantly reduces the cost for Catchyoo owners and it lets the Catchyoo community benefit from others’ great ideas and successes.
Customized development was a concept for our grand-parents when they used to go to their tailor.
The digital content industry, and Catchyoo is part of it, is heading to software rental, controlled content sharing, permanent changes.
Whatever the destiny of Zune, it is very interesting that a mass market product is launched with this approach.
It is a sign that Catchyoo is at the best of innovation in the way it approached the market and consider its user’s needs.
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