Industry analysts comment on the forecast of the Digital Out of Home (OOH) market and they are great despite a general downturn of the worldwide economy.

We will keep some pieces from AKA’s article:

" Advertisers are actively seeking out new forms of media to reach consumers"
, it is very shy to say this indeed! They are dying for it and this comes from the growing ubiquity of digital content, a trend that LM3LABS anticipated many years ago with the ubiquitous window, ubiq’window.

"Expect to see considerable further development of digital out of home infrastructure" and LM3LABS offer the turn-key solution for this with Catchyoo Media Channel. Today.

LM3LABS’ growth outpaces by far the growth of the market.

This is  due to :
– LM3LABS position on the Interactive OOH market. A sub-segment from the Digital OOH segment which leverage both the online and offline markets.
– LM3LABS strategically positioned on fast growth markets: China, South East Asia, India where growth is in the 3 digit mark.

Partners, we are on the right flight…

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