LM3LABS and partners are thrilled to introduce the Tokyo Interactive Center (TinC), Tokyo’s first community dedicated to interaction and user experience (UX).

We hear more and more about “interactivity”, “touch” or “experience” from many different areas, from researchers at universities, large and small technology companies, advertising agencies, creators and artists and of course end-users, thanks in no small part to the success of the iPhone and other “multi-touch” appliances.

But all these different audiences never got the chance to meet and exchange their views on interactivity. Until now. The TinC is the first place where all interested parties can meet and work together.

For LM3LABS and other founding partners, interactivity is not (only) futuristic touch-screens as in the movie Minority Report. Interactivity is already available today in many form factors and there is much more than just “touch” to provide a unique user experience. The goal of the TinC is to showcase what is possible today, and to imagine the future applications of interactivity. TinC’s founding partners are looking forward to a productive discussion between architects, artists, researchers, universities, technologists and more.

In the coming weeks, we will give more details on what we have in store for the Center. There is a lot coming in 2010, so watch this space!