LM3LABS unveil AirStrike Plug+Play, a touchless product aimed at museums, exhibitions centers, art galleries, showrooms and other public venues.

AirStrike Plug+Play is installed in minutes and brings distant yet precise interactivity to any display: plasma screens, projection, LED, whatever their size and distance from the user.

It is a zero learning product which instantly lets the user enjoy a unique interactive experience.
As soon as the user points his finger over the glass gate, AirStrike’s computer vision system tracks fingers in the air, translate gestures into actions to the application.

AirStrike Plug+Play is recommended in places where size matters, where expensive screens are deployed, where the user experience is paramount.

The award-winning design allows seamless integrations in the environment with minimum footprint on the floor.

The movie is HD, please play it full-screen.

More information about the product:

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AirStrike Plug+Play is based on a technology deployed in many prestigious museums like Le Louvre, the Thai King Museum, Singapore Science Center or NTT Intercommunication Center: