National Archives of Malaysia deploy  ubiq’window AirStrike, the free air version of ubiq’window at Abdul Rahman Memorial Centre (the founder of today’s Malaysia).

ubiq’window is the only high-precision technology in the world to provide a 100% free air, touchless interactivity.

Ubiq’window lets integrators create interactive zones associated to real-life, non-digital objects.
At National Archives of Malaysia, 3 "real-world" books are associated to 3  different contents.  Then visitors can turn pages of the projected screen, naturally, at distance, by pointing in the air.

This interactivity requires no training for people who instinctively know how to use the installation.

This installation is the perfect illustration of computer vision-based interactivity applied to  museums. The project was conducted by Alternative Advertisement.

A semi-transparent character was added to the actual installation picture to illustrate the way visitors  interact with the installation.