LM3LABS references

After all those years on the market we have the feeling that our market has never been so agitated.

Small players appear everyday, large companies announce in media products that will never be launched before 5 years (if launched).

All this is good sign because it means the market is super dynamic, investors and large companies consider it is a piece of the future, and at the end, all this agitation frees us from “educating” the market, what we have done in the last 5 years, patiently.

Now, one must keep minds clear about who is who, who comes from where and who has done what.

Many companies discover us with technologies like AirStrike and for them we are an other hit maker on Youtube.

So, we thought it was time to put on a single page the list of the customers we have served in the last 5 years. They are happy customers who trust us for supplying Wow!, Robust, Manageable, Cost-effective interactive solutions.

Those customers also trust us because they see the future with LM3LABS, our hard work and the great people we have kept in our eco-systems (for information, the rogue partners are gone to competition).

This list is actually pretty impressive in both quantity and quality.

So, just compare… and think long term: who will be here is 5 years from now, who will be gone with the winter wind. references.lm3labs.com