We start a series of postings showing Catchyoo in action for the Xmas season.

This one is for Singapore where a plain picture becomes interactive thanks to Catchyoo`s Figure FX. Real magic effect on visitors.

Feather mysteriously hide a secret glowing object. A bright glowing heart. When users pass over the feather ball, it explodes to reveal the heart (…and message)and re-shape once the user is gone.

Without users, the feather ball moves by itself as animated by a mysterious inner life, inviting passing people to reveal the secret.

Discovery is a key factor of a successful advertising. When traditional digital signage limits to sending message in the dark, interactive advertising create a unique relationship with them, while passing the right messages to them.

"Ok  but the budget is not the same". Well creating the Feather Ball advertising takes between 8 to 10 minutes in total. No Flash, no programming…

Next of the series tomorrow…