LM3LABS’ team wishes you a Happy New Year !

At LM3LABS we strongly believe that 2012 will be the year of the interactive 3D, so as a greeting card we would like to explore our imagination world with you. Will you find our greetings messages in this world? (a hint, “move away from town! Take distance and watch back”)

In 2012, we wish we all will live FULLSCREEN ! So please, play this greeting card fullscreen too. RIGHT-CLICK, and “Go Fullscreen”.

Navigate in this imagination world with your mouse and keyboard arrow keys. You can use mouse + keys together.

Of course, you might have to download the Unity plug-in, no worry it is safe and we think it will be a great investment for 2012. Click on LM3LABS logo to install it.

Happy exploration, Happy 2012 !

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