Finger and hand tracking on any flat surface

Moovaction tracks fingers and hands with extreme precision in order to let users interact with analog surfaces like wood, glass, plastic tables.

A single camera is necessary to track the hand from up to 2 meters from the surface.

Moovaction identifies each fingers, name them, position them in 3D space and rebuild the hand.

Each finger can trigger an independent action in the application.

Finger tracking on a plain table for distant interaction
Close interaction with projected web content
in museum
Collaboration on boardroom table, device-less
Overlay interaction in museum
Reception Desk
Briging digital and analog together
In luxury environment

and much more...


Moovaction powers magical installations where the source of the interaction is totally hidden in the environment.

Moovaction serves high end intallations like:

  • High end retail
  • Hotel and venues
  • Museums
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