Amazing Interactive Floor and Wall system

Catchyoo engages users in a pleasant experience they will remember.

Catchyoo tracks bodies and creates passive interactivity with digital contents.

Catchyoo comes all as all-in-one solution, ready to deploy.


Catchyoo is installed in minutes. It makes it the perfect solution for:

  • Museums/Education Centers
  • Aquariums
  • Events
  • Out-of-home marketing campaigns
  • Wedding chapels and similar venues
  • Permanent media in shopping malls

Key features

  • Artificial Intelligence-based animation
  • 50+ effects
  • Easy management
  • Scheduling
  • Usage analytics
  • Content broadcast
  • Multi-camera capabilities

Typical setups

  • Floor
  • Wall
  • Tables

How Catchyoo works ?

Catchyoo works with layers. The “Koi” project illustrates well the structure of a typical Catchyoo project. Elements can be added by you from the Catchyoo interface.
The carps are made of animated sequences. The background is a static image, a slide show or a movie. Other elements like sakura flowers are .png files. The sound is a .wav file.
Once elements are imported, the Live Rendering Engine will be tweaked to give life to each element. In this project, we will define that the carps avoid the user, that they swim randomly from each other.
According to the size of the installation, we will tweak the water effect (wave, reflections) and its color to make the most realistic render.
Zero coding !

What makes Catchyoo unique ?

Life Rendering Engine

The Life Rendering Engine (LRE) is a paramount elements in Catchyoo.
The LRE let’s bring Life to your imported 3D objects. Thanks to the LRE you can accurately and without code give realistic motions to a Whale, a Dolphin, a Turtle, a Butterfly, a Sardina, a Snake, a Car, a Plane or whatever is in motion in your project.
The LRE can let you create patterns like reaction to touch or fishes swimming as a bank.
Thanks to LRE virtual animals can be friendly or shy.
LRE requires no coding. It is all done by sliding parameters and ticking options.

Cluster: seamless interactive surfaces

Catchyoo can make super large seamless interactive surfaces.
Up to 3 cameras can attached to a Catchyoo PC. Each camera matches a projection screen.
Catchyoo comes with soft edge blending functionalities so that the the final result looks like a single image. Catchyoo elements (objects, animals, effects), move seamlessly from screen to screen.
In this kind of setup, the screens can be a long screen or a “fat” rectangle.
In addition to the cluster function, Catchyoo can let you create non rectangle shapes.

Other features

  • Intensive usage hardware
  • TeamViewer embedded for remote assistance
  • Scheduling
  • Remote Management
  • Analytics


Can we rent Catchyoo?

Yes, you can rent Catchyoo in the countries where LM3LABS has offices (Japan, Singapore, France, USA). The rental is on short term only (from 1 day to 2 weeks).

From all over the world you can rent effects and options: additional effects for a special event, cluster option, etc…

What type of maintenance is necessary for Catchyoo ?

There is no maintenance as long as you keep Catchyoo clean.

Can we create the contents by ourselves?

Typically yes, by following the user guide and by importing graphics, sounds, movies, by tweaking the Live Rendering Engine (LRE) parameters (no coding needed). But in some sophisticated projects you will need us. In this last case, we will provide you with a complete project to import into your Catchyoo.

Thanks to LM3LABS’ low cost of production, it may be a confortable solution for best results.

Can I buy the hardware from my side and buy the software from you ?

If we could avoid the hardware part, we would.

Unfortunately, it is not possible as Catchyoo is a sophisticated system which needs special licences and components from various vendors for the best performance.

Each Catchyoo is calibrated and tested with major attention.

What surface can I cover with one Catchyoo ?

Typically a Catchyoo camera installed at 4 meters high can cover a 5 meter wide surface.

You can add up to 3 cameras on a single PC to create a seamless interactive surface where objects and effects propagate to all screens. Catchyoo comes with “softedge blending” so that junctions between screens are not visible.

In this setup, the screens can be put in line or as a rectangle.

Why don't you supply projectors ?

Projectors are available worldwide and by buying locally you will enjoy the local support and waranty.

Catchyoo can match any type of projectors.

The choice of the right projector is up to the specifications of your project and your budget. We can advise you.

What if my Catchyoo has a problem?

Catchyoo comes with a 12-month warranty. Now, there are many ways to solve a problem even if your installation is at the other side of the world.

Catchyoo comes with TeamViewer embedded. Teamviewer allows our technical team to check the system for problems, remotely.

Then, as long as the motherboard is intact, Catchyoo elements can be changed piece by piece (camera, graphic card, etc…).

What effects do I access for free ?

You can access all projects from Catchyoo for free, but with a Catchyoo watermark. This will allow you to demo to your clients and start an illustrated brainstorming with them. Once you are decided on what you need, you can buy or rent a license for the necessary effects and play them without the Catchyoo watermark.

How many users can play with Catchyoo at the same time?

There is no real limit in the number of simultaneous users. Thanks to the Catchyoo high specs, all pixels of the screen can be in motion at the same time.

Fun Facts. Did you know that…

  • Catchyoo is running in more than 1000 locations around the world?
  • Catchyoo was installed in an Igloo ?
  • Catchyoo was installed in aligator parks in Australia ?
  • Bill Gates used Catchyoo to walk on a virtual nuclear plant ?
  • Fukushima schools are equipped with Catchyoo to avoid kids to stay too long outside while moving their body ?
  • Many Japanese couples pay to marry on Catchyoo ?
  • People could experience the moon landing with Catchyoo ?
  • Catchyoo is designed to resist 7+ earthquakes and actually resisted a 6.5 one in Indonesia ?
  • All shopping malls in Medelin, Columbia are equipped with minimum 1 Catchyoo ?
  • Chanel deployed Catchyoo for 1h in 5 different cities around the world at the same time ?

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