Create interactions from Face, Eyes and Expressions

Catchyoo FaceTracker uses facial features to trigger interactions in applications.

Face is a universal pattern which can be isolated in visually “noisy” environment, from distance.

Faces in the crowd can be isolated to trigger eye-catching interactivity.

Eyes can be used to analyse the gaze of shop visitor and trigger illuminations or messages in the shop.

From a closer distance, face expression can be used to trigger events in applications. Smile and you get a discount. Easy !

Catchyoo FaceTracker can also make face and gender identification: who is who ? Are you a male or a female ? What is your age ?

Eye Tracking

Face Identification

Face Tracking

Expression tracking

When objects follow you
Objects react to your gaze


Catchyoo FaceTracker is used in:

  • Retail
  • Museum
  • Events
  • DOOH
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