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Technical Specifications

AirStrike is designed to be crowd-proof and to last.

AirStrike comes in 2 standard dimensions:

  • AirStrike 120: 120 cm long
  • AirStrike 96: 96 cm long

Maximun display size: no limit in size and distance

Screen compatibility: LCD, LED, Projection, holographic, 3D, fog screen, etc…

Emissions: passive infra-red at 845 nm by LED

Certification: CE certified (sensor): 600 38 138 – 53 77 50

Warranty : 12 months


  • minimum temperature: -35C
  • maximum temperature: +50C

Humity: tropicalized

Environmental light: 0 Lux – 400 Lux (indoor only)

Plug types: Type B (US/ Japan) or Type E (France/Germany)

Input: 100-240V at 47-63Hz

Output: 12V

Cable length: 3 meters (USB)

Connectivity to PC: 2 USB cables

Proudly Made in France