Interactive Books for Perrier-Jouet Champagne

    For its bicentenary celebration, Perrier-Jouet, the famous French champagne brand, tapped LM3LABS for two interactive and touchless books similar to what was done for Dior in Singapore. The books used AirStrike to track hands and gestures in mid-air and let users turn pages or click on elements on pages. The books presented Perrier-Jouet [...]

New gestures for AirStrike and Ubiq’window

AirStrike and Ubiq'window have been enhanced with a new set of touchless gestures and actions. Those gestures are recognized motions made in the air, on AirStrike, or at proximity of  the surface, for Ubiq'window. They can be associated to a series of actions understood by the applications. The new set is available for free to [...]

Revolution on the booth

We illustrate a simple solution to deploy for events and exhibitions. AirStrike sensor is seamlessly installed inside the booth itself and only a narrow cleft allows the "eye contact" between the stereo vision cameras and the pointing fingers. This installation lets visitors interact with a distant screen by simply pointing in the air toward the [...]

Touchless interactivity is the next frontier

Despite the buzz about multi-touch, this technology evolution is not a challenge and it should have grown earlier if legacy OS editors, as well as input device manufacturers, had got more vision. Now, we cannot really blame them, multi-touch makes sense with multi-media content only. And we are just at the dawn of the multi-media [...]

AirStrike covered by CNN

CNN recently covered AirStrike and the next wave of human-machine interfaces based on touchless technologies. LM3LABS is a definitive leader in this domain with its stereo vision capabilities applied to museum, showrooms, events and soon on your beloved laptop. Read the article here.