Catchyoo iTable at Teikoku Data Bank

Catchyoo iTable has been deployed by Teikoku Data Bank who presents a very interesting exhibition about the longer lasting Japanese companies. Japan is the country with the more numerous century+ companies in the world. There are 20.000 century old companies in Japan, 2.000 of them were created before the Meiji Era (starting 1868). The oldest [...]

LM3LABS collaborated again with Le Louvre and DNP for their 4th exhibition in Tokyo. This exhibition is about "The city of Susa and its ceramics in the first centuries of Islam" and is open since April 5th. LM3LABS' interactive technology is used to engage visitors in a new type of discovery. The details of the [...]

The dawn of Next-Gen Museums

Computer vision technologies, interactivity, are not limited to advertising for big brands and making of the dynamic signage a viable industry. Computer vision also enters strongly into the realm of museums. Transparency, touchless, natural interaction with exhibits, contextual digital environment are key factors to improve museums' relationship with their public. Interactive tables, interactive walls, immersive [...]