3DFeel browser lets you browse in 3D environments

LM3LABS unveils a 3D browser using 3DFeel body tracking in preparation to London 2012 Olympic Games. The browser architecture devides the content browsing experience into a central rotation menu and related contents on a 4 peripheral spheres. 3DFeel identifies users (multiple), and tracks their hands (both) and associated gestures in space. The browser also introduces [...]

New gestures for AirStrike and Ubiq’window

AirStrike and Ubiq'window have been enhanced with a new set of touchless gestures and actions. Those gestures are recognized motions made in the air, on AirStrike, or at proximity of  the surface, for Ubiq'window. They can be associated to a series of actions understood by the applications. The new set is available for free to [...]