The Samurai Avatar

In the continuation of the 3DFeel avatar series, LM3LABS had the opportunity to present the "Samurai avatar", a realtime 3D masterpiece, at Futur-en-Seine in Paris. LM3LABS was invited as part of the Cool Japan initiative. Our focus was to associate technologies to Japanese traditions. In action at Futur-en-Seine: Some details of the work:

AirStrike in Paris luxury lounge

A movie from a recent installation of AirStrike in Le Bourget aiport. Le Bourget is a military and executive airport North of Paris. AirStrike is installed in luxury lounge of a private airlines company. The installation was completed by AD-Lux from Estonia. More information about AirStrike capabilities can be found on AirStrike web site.

AirStrike and the Mediterranean Forests Protection

As many Europeans are heading South for well deserved vacations, it is a high risk period for the fragile Mediterranean forests. L'Institut pour la Foret Mediterraneenne (Institute for the Mediteranean Forest), a regional education center based in Gardanne, close to Marseille, in France, recently equipped with AirStrike. Visitors can navigate a map of Southern France [...]

It tastes different

There are jobs which have more taste than others and it is because people we work with are great, shiny and fun. That was definitely the case last Friday for Valrhona's party, "Les Cabosses". Some happy fews invited to taste delicious pasteries made from Valrhona materials and play with our interactive toys.  

LM3LABS collaborated again with Le Louvre and DNP for their 4th exhibition in Tokyo. This exhibition is about "The city of Susa and its ceramics in the first centuries of Islam" and is open since April 5th. LM3LABS' interactive technology is used to engage visitors in a new type of discovery. The details of the [...]