Revolution on the booth

We illustrate a simple solution to deploy for events and exhibitions. AirStrike sensor is seamlessly installed inside the booth itself and only a narrow cleft allows the "eye contact" between the stereo vision cameras and the pointing fingers. This installation lets visitors interact with a distant screen by simply pointing in the air toward the [...]

Samsung Omnia launch with Ubiq’window touchless technology

Samsung launch their iPhone killer, the Omnia SGH i900, with Ubiq'window touchless technology. Samsung deployed interactive boothes where people can experiment the amazing interface of their phone. Only Ubiq'window can let people experiment what it is like to use such a next gen interface: dragging icones to launch applications, intuitive keyboard, smart OK, ... The [...]

It tastes different

There are jobs which have more taste than others and it is because people we work with are great, shiny and fun. That was definitely the case last Friday for Valrhona's party, "Les Cabosses". Some happy fews invited to taste delicious pasteries made from Valrhona materials and play with our interactive toys.