Singapore`s Science Center finalized yesterday the installation of a "Minority Report"-like system based on 3 Ubiq’window 120 AirStrike.

The installation`s design is based on our previous similar installation for NTT Inter Communication Center in Tokyo (visible in Tokyo until end of March 2007).

Ubiq`window AirStrike is integrated into the gate which separates visitors from the screen. Visitors simply point at the screen and use their bare hand in the air to interact with content and presentation. Ubiq`window tracks their hand and fingers in the air and analyze their motions in real time.

The value of Ubiq`window is to offer interactivity to very large screen, contact-less, distantly and minimum hardware footprint. This makes Ubiq`window the perfect tool for museums, showrooms, prestigious public venues where design is paramount and which welcome large numbers of visitors.

Ubiq`window AirStrike is also used by 3D content professional users (car industry,…), real estate companies, advertisers, event companies as any content running on a PC can be used with bare hand in the air.

No other technologies can provide the same result with the same ease of use and installation.

This great installation was managed by Belinda and AJ in Singapore.