LM3LABS launch a series of innovative multimedia content distribution kiosks based on free-air interactivity AirStrike and touchless Ubiq’window.

The kiosks let users browse multi-media interactive contents like music and video on a large screen and complete a secure purchase transaction cycle ending on the mobile phone.
They are aimed at offering content distributors (music majors, studios,…) a way to reach their markets in selected locations: cinema, shopping center, clubs and other venues.
Many colors and two models of kiosks are proposed:
– a close interactivity series based on Ubiq’window: it allows precise interaction and has a small footprint on the floor.
– a distant interactivity series  based on AirStrike: with free air gestures is more adapted to games, 3D object handling etc…
The kiosks are equipped with touchless payment system (Felica or Edy in Japan).
The kiosk will be available in a few territories only, at least for the beginning.