Xloudia Operator

$1,500.00 excl. Taxes / month and a $3,600.00 sign-up fee

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Operators access their own dashboard which is customised to their logo and color scheme.

Xloudia Operator grants a total “White Label” policy. The Xloudia identity is hidden to Resellers, Clients and End-users.

The Xloudia Operator subscription includes:
• Unlimited Xloudia Plus Image Recognition (Imerico) and Tracking
• Autonomous Client management : creation, suspension, deletion, alarms, limits, consolidated analytics
• Dashboard customisation to your logo and removal of Xloudia identity
• White Label policy: SDK, links, dashboard are anonymized
• Pricing autonomy: operators can reseller and package the Xloudia service as they wish (request counting based)
• Unlimited number of “Campaigns”
• Unlimited number of Apps
• Unlimited number of markers (images)
• Xloudia Color Recognition
• Xloudia TV
• Xloudia Beacon
• Xloudia Code
• 3D rendering engine (Unity3D)
• Android and iOS templates including Unity3D prefabs, libraries, and scripts
• Access to web-based Dashboard & Analytics tool in English, Japanese or French
• Online Documentation (English)
• Ticket support system in English, Japanese or French
• Dedicated engineer support (up to 8h per month, non cumulable)

Available options (please contact us):
• 3D reconstruction
• “Search-in-Search”
• Face recognition
• Content server
• Consulting
• Interface and additional CMS creation

The Sign-up fees include 4 days of customisation of the dashboard to your brand.

By subscribing you will be charged monthly and receive automatically the invoice on a monthly basis.

LM3LABS may decline an application to Xloudia Operator. Please contact a Xloudia representative prior to susbscribing.

By subscribing you agree with the Xloudia Terms & Conditions.