Xloudia Lite

$29.00 excl. Taxes / month

Xloudia Imerico in a box. No code necessary. Start within 24h.

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Xloudia Lite is a pre-packaged solution of Xloudia. You can start using your own Xloudia-based application in a few hours, without a single line of code, on both Android and iOS.

Right after subscribing you will be contacted by a Xloudia agent. We will select together a mobile interface template out from the 3 elegant templates proposed by LM3LABS.
You will receive your account credentials to the Content Management Server (CMS) where you can upload your images, movies, texts, GPS locations. LM3LABS will customise the design with your logo, will create your Android and iOS applications and will publish your apps to the Apple Store, Google Play and Amazon Store.

•    Up to 50,000 requests per month on Xloudia Plus
•    Both Android and iOS with homogeneous design
•    Elegant application interfaces
•    Complete CMS
•    Unlimited images, movies, markers and texts
•    Online picture edition
•    Real-time analytics
•    Optional and free management of Apple Store and Google Play by LM3LABS

Please note:
•    The sign-up fee covers the customisation work, no extra charge
•    Xloudia Lite is based Xloudia Imerico (Image Recognition)
•    The price is per mobile application version
More information about Xloudia Lite.

Contact the Xloudia team for further details.