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Try Xloudia Lite

Create new “sponsors” (clients), upload texts, movies, images and markers and demo to your client.
You will access the dashboard in English with realtime statistics (commercially available in French and Japanese too).
The client’s app can be downloaded from:
•    Apple Store
•    Google Play
Please contact your representative for additional information and support about Xloudia Lite.
•    The Xloudia Lite credentials are reset about every 30 days. You might need to register again.
•    LM3LABS may decide to clean existing Projects and contents without notice.
•    Posted markers are available on http://boutiknavi.xloudia.com and are public.
•    LM3LABS may decline some orders without any justification.
•    You will receive your ID and a Marker creation Quick Guide by automated mail.
•    The downloadable materials can be downloaded only once.
•    The download is available for 48 hours only.
•    By ordering this free trial you agree with Xloudia Trial/Software Evaluation Terms and Conditions.