30-day Xloudia SDK Trial


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You will receive a 30-day Xloudia Plus demo including:
•    The full Xloudia Unity3D SDK including the Color module, the Code module, Tracking module and a simple eCommerce demonstration,
•    The necessary documentation in English (SDK manual, Color module,…),
•    A Xloudia Plus account on Xloudia servers,
•    Up to 1500 requests for the period.

Important information:
•    The trial is a full version of Xloudia SDK that you will also use for paid subscription,
•    You will need Unity3D and C# skills to use the trial,
•    This trial includes limited support, please subscribe to Xloudia Entry for full support,
•    It allows the creation of both iOS and Android application,
•    The trial is valid for 30 days from account credentials delivery and will stop automatically and without notice,
•    The dashboard access will let you create categories, upload images, define color tags, check realtime analytics,
•    This trial does not include a CMS, please enquire about Xloudia Lite for a CMS capable trial,
•    The trial is valid for up to 200 requests during the period. Requests of the same image during the same session are not billed.

By ordering this Trial you agree and get bound to the Xloudia: Trial/evaluation software licence agreement.