Dear Clients, Partners, and Friends,

A week ago, on Friday 11.3 at 2:46PM a terrible tremor was shaking LM3LABS Tokyo offices.
It was a terribly frightening experience for us but we did not know what was happening hundreds of kilometers North.

The earthquake, rated 9 on Richter Scale, was the strongest in Japanese history. It was followed by the strongest tsunami of the millenary which destroyed 100s of villages on the Tohoku shores.
This tsunami triggered industrial incidents in Tokyo suburbs and at Fukushima nuclear plant, hundreds kilometers North of Tokyo.

As we progressively discovered the scale of the catastrophe, we immediately decided to secure our staff and we asked them to take some “vacation” for a week, to leave the risk region with their families.
This was a precaution action but also a contribution.
Indeed our activities are highly relying on electric power and are not critical in such dramatic situations.
We thought we had to make our footprint “lighter” on the region.

As we write now, all staff are safe and secure and LM3LABS operations, uninterrupted since last Friday, will turn back to normal very soon.

Now, it is not the case for the North of Japan with hundreds of people who have lost everything in the tragedy and who are still missing everything: petrol for their heater, gas to evacuate danger zones, food, medics, telephone lines. As we watch those suffering people on TV, we would like to help and move North to relief but we can contribute more effectively by supporting skilled specialists who are there.

I want you to understand the situation in North Japan and to contribute as you can with a donation to the Red Cross Society who is on the field.

You can make donations thru your local Red Cross representation that you can easily find with Google.

Please contribute.