Japanese shopping centers giant Parco starts the deployment of multiple Catchyoo
Media Spaces throughout Japan with a first deployment in Shibuya the
busiest landmark in Tokyo.

Parco plans to use Catchyoo, and
Catchyoo Media Channel to rent the interactive spaces to advertisers in
20 of their super stores in Japan.

Who is Parco in Japan?

Parco Co., Ltd. a
division od Seibu operates
shopping centers.
The operations are carried out through Shopping
center, Specialty stores, Interior design works and other stores. The
Shopping center division deals with development, operation
and management of shopping centers. The Specialty stores sell clothes,
CDs and sundry goods. It is also involved in operation of restaurants.
The Interior design division designs and maintains buildings. The Other
division provides internet related information and also hotels.

What is a Catchyoo Media Space?

A Catchyoo Media Space is an interactive network solution based on Catchyoo.
to advertising Catchyoo Media Spaces let operators like Parco change
the content on a daily basis, with precise scheduling wherever the
systems are installed in Japan (…and in the world).
Catchyoo Media
Spaces are possible thanks to Catchyoo Media Channel a zero hassle networking
solution which manages deployment of interactive campaigns, thru the
internet in total security.

How do they make money?

business model is pretty straight forward: catching, attracting passing people who
play with the advertising for an average of 5 mn, a record in the
advertising industry.
Because of this attractivity, Parco has no difficulty in finding sponsors.
to Catchyoo’s interface, campaigns are created in minutes, at virtually
no cost. It lets Parco change campaigns by themselves, without any
Flash (…or worst!) development. Parco can accommodate any customer
request, adapt to seasons, commercial operations, and other events.

Why did they choose Catchyoo?

Leader working with Leader. More
FX than others, easier to use, low price, fast content creation, lower
cost per campaign, easier management, best of breed scheduling system,
graphical statistics, zero networking Installation, robust, stable,…
professional solution. Enough said?

Why starting from Shibuya?

Parco is a favorite haunt of Japanese 20- and 30-somethings. The Shibuya branch, with many buildings, is jam-packed
with stylish Japanese clothing, as well as CDs, books, beauty products
and food.
Shibuya is where fashion starts in Japan.

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