The city of Nice is the 5th French city by its size. The city currently hosts the best of breed infrastructure. Nice claims the ambition to be one of the capital of healthcare in Europe and it has all cards in hands to be one.

In October 2015, Nice inaugurated the 27Delvalle building. 27 Delvalle positions as a showroom, hub, education center and eHealth startups incubation facility.

It welcomes from international guests to local pupils and hosts presentations from all Nice healthcare ecosystem partakers.

27Delvalle had to deal with various types of audiences, external presenters, changing schedules, multiple document types, last minutes presentations, Rush !

Traditional presentation solutions cannot match the need of 27Delvalle.

The risk was obvious: confusion, mess, failed presentations,…

Nice City turned to LM3LABS to design, develop and implement a solution which would help 27Delvalle to “tell the story” about Nice’s past, present and future activities in healthcare, present smoothly the city’s assets.
This solution had to be open to any presenter and to any type of contents while being secure and crowd proof.
The visual result had to be impressive and modern.

LM3LABS designed an AirStrike-based solution allowing natural interactions, hence opening the use of the system to any presenter.

A carefully designed black box contains the AirStrike sensor, a mini PC and a 3000 lumens 3D projector.

The solution comes with a custom design and manufactured 3m panoramic screen.

The setup is quite impressive and at the level of the application.

LM3LABS developed a 3D interface in Unity3D which can be easily navigated with the hand pointed on top the AirStrike sensor.

The application features 3 main “virtual” rooms:
a library where presenters can access instantly their contents, a widget room displaying latest news from various healthcare information sources and a bird view map of Nice.

This 3D map features the most important health-related sites with 2 levels of information, finally linking to the sites’ web site. The 3D map allows a general view of the situation and quick access to specific information.

A content server transforms any type of document into the right presentation format. Presenters can come with their Powerpoint, OpenOffice, LibreOffice, Images, Movies, PDF, etc, drop them into a shared folder and they all appear on the interface naturally, within seconds. The server can process all types of documents into a single unified format.

The final experience is extremely pleasant.
Presenters at 27Delvalle can focus on their message. Visitors get the story with the wow effect.
This project is a pretty good illustration of 2016 LM3LABS capabilities, from problem solving to technology development to user experience deployment.