LM3LABS’ partner in New Zealand, Jelly Design NZ, rolled out the Nationwide trial of Ubiq’window last month for Telecom NZ the largest Telco in NZ.

Jelly’s Wheatley says:
installation went very smoothly. All units are up and running, the
system is now proving its worth in this highly competitive market. We
are developing new dynamic interfaces to add value throughout 08 and
Telecom NZ are very happy with the results and looking to include this
technology further in their retail space
(Jelly) provide the tools and support for agencies ( in this case
Saatchi and Saatchi Auckland) to maintain control of the brand whilst
partnering with them to develop new media spaces within retail. Jelly
Design specializes in bringing Retail to life, we believe the future of
retail lies in enriching customer experience and that we have only just
touched on the possibility’s Ubiq Windows offers.

Built and designed to sit alongside the existing cabinetry the
Ubiq 200 was used to create an interactive area that extended outside
the tv, each of the shelves acts as a trigger to provide further
information and sub menus on products and services.
walls themselves are interactive and triggered by printed "buttons"
that updated regularly both on the screen and the surface of the walls.

matrix of interactive zones was developed to provide a template that
enables Saatchi and Saatchi to create and distribute new media direct
from their offices in Auckland to each of the regional sites.

Design has been invited to partner with Saatchis in taking the concept
further and developing a new interactive language, a visually driven
syntax to draw on the learnings from the initial work.
installation went incredibly well, there have been no call backs and we
have a happy client looking to build on this first important step
toward dynamic instore media.
Future projects include international airlines, major automotive brands as well as further interest from the Telco sector.
a first client in New Zealand we could not have hoped for more, and Jelly Design and LM3LABS are
proud to have Telecom NZ first to market in NZ with ubiq’window.