Microsoft deploy interactive booths in shoppings centers of New Dehli, Hyberbad, Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore for the launch of Windows Vista.
Ubiq’window is used in its AirStrike configuration (open air) so that public can experience the smooth interface of Vista Aero and the "Wow".
The installation combines a camera which records user’s face in real time and puts it in an artificial context where he can get an entertaining virtual experience.
Definitely the final result is extremely engaging.
India is a key market for Microsoft with more than 1 bio people and a growing role in the software development market. Microsoft’s positioning is critical to Linux or ASP solutions which are increasingly hosted in India. Showing that Vista is really bringing a new twist to the human-machine interaction is a priority to them.
While shopping centers’ visitors do not have the time to go into the beautiful but subtle Aero’s interface, their attention must be grabbed instantly. It is immediate with Ubiq’window AirStrike.

Obviously an easy way to get the "WoW".

The project was managed by Microsoft’s agency Jagran Solutions  and LM3LABS’ partner Mosaic Solutions.

Picture credit: Mosaic Solutions Pty. Ltd, Microsoft, LM3LABS.