LM3LABS collaborated with French artist Nicolas Buffe and Japanese sound artist Junya Oikawa to present “The Dream of Polifilo”, an interactive piece based on the 3DFeel technology.

The digital art installation lets the visitor experience being a knight fighting evil.
Projected on a 200 inch screen, the avatar wins or loses and it is only up to the guest understanding of situation, just like in real life.
Nicolas Buffe’s beautiful art mixes the Japanese manga culture to the European Renaissance culture.

A 360 degree sound environment has been created by sound artist Junya Oikawa and it creates a totally immersive environment.

The exhibition can be visited until June 26 at Hara Museum of Modern Art in Tokyo. Some comments of visitors: “This is pure Modern Art”, “We can experiment the life of Polifilo overcoming Life challenges”. Please visit if you are in Tokyo.

This exhibition is co-sponsored by LM3LABS, a first for our company.