The figures have spoken!

We collected yesterday the figures for the Catchyoo Shop Window installed at Roppongi Crossing in Tokyo. If you followed the story the installation was live on September 14th, 2006 and displayed 3 interactive spots for NTT DoCoMo turning in loop.

The installaton is remotely managed by Nojima Denki, owner of the shop, from Yokohama, thanks to the Catchyoo Media Channel module.
Let’s crunch some figures together!

There were up to 38’203 people per day interacting with the spots. About 1 million people have interacted with NTT DoCoMo’s spot over the month.

When we consider that this crossing has a traffic of 10 million people per month, the Catchyoo’s interactive zone (about 3 meter large around the show window) has captured 10% of this traffic.
This is absolutely great results which should make NTT DoCoMo people jump from their chairs.
How do we know really? No, we did not put a cheap labor with a counter. We did not use expensive consultants interviewing pannels. Catchyoo comes in standard with a Statistic Module (picture is a screen shot of it) which accurately tracks the number of people interacting with spots. It graphically presents the data per day, per hour, per spot, per month and extract the data as PDF files.
This Statistic Module is the digital signage Graal, the missing gold tool to the digital signage industry to justify the ROI of their products (Plasma, projectors, content broadcast systems, content itself….).
"How many people will watch the plasma you try to sell me?"… A tricky one that all digital signage profesionnals hear everyday.
There is only 1 solution for this: computer vision. And this is what Catchyoo is made of. Watching, counting, watching, counting…
(…before we launch the soon-to-come Analyzing and Billing modules allowing Pay-per-Viewer models).
With the Statistic Module, NTT DoCoMo market manager can easily justify to his management the budget allocated to this campaign.
Nojima Denki can value the price of the advertizing space and time based on:
  • location
  • day value in the week- week value in the month etc…
Catchyoo is the ultimate digital signage solution for profesionals as it helps them growing a business faster, with more predictability and generate more margin because they can:

  • predict traffic accurately.
  • justify their rate card to advertizers.
  • precisely assess the quality of a campaign, of a spot, of a location, and make necessary improvements.
  • provide discounted and special offers at the right time… and in real time.
  • kill their operation costs with the Catchyoo Media Channel and the FX library.
The value of statistics for the dynamic signage industry was already addressed in 2005 by LM3LABS in The Wall Street Journal. You can read the article here in English (original) and here the online version in the Asia version of The Wall Street Journal.