LM3LABS delivered to Tokyo-based Sophia University, a multi-touch application for learning languages on interactive tables and other multitouch devices.

The application relies on the “reading by color” methodology developed by Dr Caleb Gattegno and used at Sophia University “on paper” for many years.

Dr Gattegno’s is an approach to teaching reading, spelling and writing using the association of syllables to colors.

LM3LABS’ application lets 1 teacher and 3 students collaboratively work on texts:

  • – understand the spelling and read the sentence by the color
  • – identify the nature and function of words in the sentence
  • – split the sentence according to the rhythms and pronounced syllables
  • – recreate the sentences from shuffled sentences

The application can accommodate multiple teachers and languages, it also records mistakes by student so that they can individually work on their weaknesses on the soon-to-come iPad version.

As for the design, LM3LABS wanted to make it as simple as possible so that it does not disturb the learning experience. The focus is on words, colors and images.

The application is open source so that developers can adapt it to other multitouch devices (touch panels, Android devices, etc…).