We start our first series of interactive furniture with a set of interactive tables based on flat multitouch iTable 32.

The series comes in 3 flavors:
– dark oak
– natural birch
– white corian

…and 2 sizes:
– 40cm high for living rooms
– 70cm high for other purposes like showrooms, museums, or boutiques.

iTable 32 can track up to 40 simultaneous fingers, is equipped with i7 mini-PC running Windows 7 Professional in your language.
The stunning heatless screen has a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels so that you can watch your HD movies in 1080p, play your favorite games at their best.

The multitouch surface is water and scratch resistant and it can serve as a normal table if necessary.
Of course, the design can be adapted to specific requirements and tastes.

Content-wise, iTable 32 series can accommodate most of Windows-based applications but also come with specific widgets like Catchyoo’s Koi Pond, games and home automation.

Pre-order are opened.
Please enquiry to LM3LABS for prices, detailed specs, or better, come and visit us in Tokyo.

LM3LABS is also hiring distribution partners (exclusive furniture distributors with strong market share in their market).