Catchyoo is an official sponsor of the Run for the Cure Foundation. The Run for the Cure foundation’s mission is to eradicate breast cancer in Japan as a life-threatening disease through education, timely screening, and treatment.

Other sponsors
aside Catchyoo are companies like North West Airlines,
Hilton, New Balance, Helena Rubinstein, HSBC, Morgan Stanley, Merrill
Lynch and some other world-class brands.

It is important for us at LM3, as a leader in our domain, to share what we can share to help our community.
Part of this sponsorship, Catchyoo is used in multiple locations in
Japan to raise awareness of Japanese public about the breast cancer.

Charity is not new to LM3 as some of LM3’s servers are used by Standford University’s program folding@home which simulates the folding of proteins, a simulation necessary to
understand Alzheimer, Parkinson, Mad Cow disease (BSE), and other
cancer-related syndromes.

All our partners and clients indirectly (and often without knowing) contribute to improving our world.