Mobile operator and Telefonica branch, O2, deploys a leading edge interactive out-of-home
campaign in Singapore in association with JCDecaux, TEQUILA/Singapore
and based on Catchyoo Graffiti.

Catchyoo Graffiti, a large
interactive projection on the wall, brings interactivity to a wall and
engages every passers-by, inviting them to play with the surreal
patterns and changing colors of the products.

"Through our
media partners, JCDecaux and CitylinkMall, we believe we have a
showcase that paves the way in terms of positioning a premium product
on a large interactive canvas. I believe it will go a long way in
raising O2’s profile by reaching our desired target audience in
" tells Sanjay Sabnani, VP of Brand and Marketing, O2 Asia Pacific and Middle East.

attributes the success of the campaign to the close partnership between
various suppliers, agencies and O2 to deliver the best solution across
media, creative, production and execution. Catchyoo Graffiti was
integrated by Mosaic Solutions.

"I am very pleased by the results and how well it has resonated with the target audience." says Sabnani.

This interactive advertising campaign can be seen at CityLinkMall.