On next Tuesday, DNP will make a pre-launch of their private museum in their new headquarter at Gotanda, in Tokyo.
DNP who owns the distribution and copyrights rights in Japan from Le Louvre (more precisely from La Reunion Nationale des Musees Nationaux) presents real paintings from Le Louvre.
The first of them is "Un Soldat marque par l’Experience" from French painter Gericault (also famously known for the Raft of the Medusa).
Ubiq’window 150 is used on a slick 6 meter long frameless piece of glass to present the painting on a Holoscreen transparent screen. Happy-few visitors do not need to touch the surface to interact with the presentation of the artwork.
The sensors are at ground level looking up positioned at 1 cm from the glass for a plaisant, touchless user experience. This position let vistors use natural gestures like turning pages, moving 3D objects or grabbing virtual  objects.
Ubiq’window is the perfect tool for interactive museum. Other museum in the world have equipped with Ubiq’window to bring interactivity to artifacts or paintings thru windows with total transparency.
This is the second time DNP associate Ubiq’window to Le Louvre. In 2005, Ubiq’window was used at Nihon TV to present the Digital Louvre, a new approach to discover Le Louvre’s masterworks in Tokyo.
The official launch is October 30th, 2006. It is private to DNP and their customers but more pics will be available at this time from this very exclusive place.

(image: Theodore Gericault’s self-portrait).