LM3LABS completed the installation of the Ichikawa Literature Museum.

+ The need

The City of Ichikawa, in the Chiba Prefecture, came to LM3LABS with the project to create an audio-visual centre at the Ichikawa Literature Museum in order to improve the visitors’ experience.

Curators initially thought about showing simple movies, playing in loop.

+ Our answer

Video movies are great but interactions are far better to involve visitors and to bring them into a discovery experience that they will remember.

LM3LABS proposed two large size interactive panels based on Ubiq’window 200 where people can navigate into writers’ histories and stories. Visitors do not need to touch the screens to interact with content. A swift gesture and the content respond immediately.

The museum is to open on July 20th in Ichikawa in the Chiba Prefecture. We will monitor the public reception of the new installation.

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