Some early Ubiq’window interface works with SGI Japan.

An illustration of what will be common as public interactive signage in a few years: city shops browsing, satellite-rendered city map navigation, web browsing, dynamic newspaper reading, education and discovery. Updated in real time, anywhere, for anyone who can use his hands.

Just like for web with technologies, people will want to "grab" what they are interested in and screens will have to be… Ubiquitous. Here we are. Some kind of Ubiquitous window.

Ubiquity of dynamic signage means offering people in the street the opportunity to grab all the information they need from a single interface and to find this same content on all interfaces.

Now, we agree that this interface could be a mobile phone screen. Let’s rephrase this last sentence, it will ALSO the mobile phone screen, and public interactive signage, and mobile phone, and interactive digital signage,… Do you get it? Both!

Because there is a famous law for this: the Gabor Law. And it says that "Everything that is possible will be done, always".

Now, there are limited chances that interactive plasma screens are deployed everywhere despite some experiences. The only solution is a street-proof solution which resists the rain, the sun, vandalism, 1000s of people per day. This solution is called Ubiq’window.