French luxury company, Hermes, tapped Catchyoo to bring interactivity to a large projected scarf. The FX actually does not make a water effect but a wind effect on the scarf. This is only possible because of the great quality of the Catchyoo water FX, which can be parametered in real time to deliver the perfect texture effect.

Hermes scarfs or "Carrés Hermes" are the emblem of the 200-year old company. The "Carrés" have been launched in the 50’s by the very creative Robert-Dumas Hermes.

Since their first days Hermes understood trends and took audacious choices. Always looking for new landscapes, in a quest for quality and authenticity, they very soon became the suppliers of kings and emperors. The Emperor of Japan, the Tsar of Russia among others were fidel to Hermes as soon as the beginning of the last Century.

Again, it seems that Hermes catches the spirit of what will be advertising in the 21st century.