LM3LABS’ team wish you a great augmented year 2010 ! We would like to thank our customers and our partners for the past collaboration in 2009 and we are delighted to start this new decade with them.

The new coming decade will bring incredible new experiences, technologies, development in the realm of interactivity.

As a Greeting card we would like you to share a face tracking experience that we prepared for you.

With this “greeting card” we express our philosophy that technology can bring more joyful experiences to human beings, discovering cultural heritages from an other angle, that we all must protect those precious heritages and diversity.

The greeting application let users experience traditional Japanese Noh theater masks, also called no-men. The bamboo on each side are traditional Japanese offering for the new year. The plum flowers (ume) are also traditional good luck symbol. The background is made of traditional Japanese paterns, while the side paintings represent divinities.


Get your webcam ready and turn your browser to http://2010.lm3labs.com
(on PC: IE or Firefox, on Mac: Safari or Firefox).
Select your camera at the top of the screen, install the necessary DFusion plug-in when prompted and enjoy !!

Have a great year 2010 ! We wish you the best for you and your family !