And if interactive advertising was helping humankind?
Why not putting Catchyoo Computers installed in shopping centers at the service of science?
Internally, LM3LABS put their computers’ calculation power to the service of science.
As we are equipped with an installed base of many Intel Pentium 4 HT, AMD Athlon 64 and some Intel Xeon which remain unused many hours per day, we decided to bring this calculation power to the Stanford University program folding@home who simulates the folding of proteins, a simulation necessary to understand Alzheimer, Parkinson, Mad Cow disease (BSE), and other cancer-related syndromes. This is our contribution to society as we will not wait to become a Microsoft to make a multi-trillion dollars donation.
A similar experience was launched a few years ago to search for UFO. At LM3LABS we think there is a better use of our CPUs…
The Standford University’s program seriously contribute to human health progress and more generally on understanding the proCess of life.
Patents and discoveries from the fold@home project go to the public domain and can be used by laboratories worldwide to progress in their research.
The project is lead by Vijay Pande from MIT.
Now, Catchyoo Computers installed for commercial puposes can also participate to the effort and the module can be installed by LM3 before shipping if you ask for it.
While making their job in interactive advertising, Catchyoo systems will help research on cancer and other serious diseases, automatically without human intervention.
All Catchyoo Computers are equipped with best of breed CPU which makes them powerful tools for research and there is no impact on the system.
You can ask LM3LABS to participate to the project and install the module on your new equipment.

Every minute of advertisement turns into a better understanding of Life…