On July 23rd, LM3LABS hosted the Tokyo Interaction Center, aka TinC.

Pictures can be seen on http://bit.ly/bnJ0FG

Among guests, Tokuda-san a PhD candidate from University of Tokyo specialized in holographic 3D screens. He presented a small model of his research. We helped him to illustrate the application of his work to the “commercial” world and this the result.

A ring of very light mist mixed with fragrange is pulsed in a shop while a projector synchronize images with the ring size, dimension, speed, density in order to create a 3D effect to viewer under the “cloud”.

3D visualizations simply look like coming to the visitors. When the cloud reach the viewer it caries a fresh fragrange

Tokuda-san interview, in Japanese, can be seen on TinC’s YouTube Page: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WrkxmrHnVnQ