Saving the planet has never been so urgent. What if you could use the best attention grabbing technologies to pass your important messages, at a NGO-cost ?

Living and working is an hyper developed country, Japan, dealing with fast developing countries in Asia, we learned that a huge work has to be done for the education of new generations about protecting our planet from so many dangers.

This new generation, the Millenias and younger, grow with limited contacts with nature, in a consumer-centric culture, in a “get rich quick” environment. Without education about protecting our planet’s assets and taking wise decisions everyday, the future is doomed.

LM3LABS technologies are used by largest brands to promote their products. It is good, but why leaving those great communication tools to the richer when they can help better causes.

Of course, of the last decade, we made a lot of “green” educational projects all around the world but we can do better. LM3LABS technologies are strong attention grabbers and allow the ‘gamification’ of messages. They always make a strong impact on youth.

So as larger companies have “Educational” discount plans for students and universities, LM3LABS is launching a “For the Cause” discount plan.

We will be happy to offer “at cost” solutions for any project that will contribute to the education about saving our planet and world whatever environmental, social,… This “at cost” plan will grant your organisation the best and most sustainable price.

Feel free to contact us for discussing your cause and how we can help it.