Catchyoo’s partner, cmpunch, goes a step further in their explanations about the value of interactive signage with this movie with movie embedded explanations.

It is in Japanese, so some explanations are necessary. The site is the new Parco shopping mall in Urawa, in Tokyo’s suburb. The installed Catchyoo is a cluster of 2 systems communicating together to create a large seamless interactive zone. 

Cmpunch left the original soundtrack and we can hear very positive feedbacks from visitors, like the usual Japanese "sugoii" which means something like "Wow".

Then, they clearly explain what is value for people around. People play with the system but all visitors around the interactive space watch the space… and the ad.

This ad space is for rent and sponsors who want to advertise right on this unique place, or in other Parco places can contact LM3LABS.