DNP launch their MUSEUM LAB web site in association with the Musee du Louvre, the largest museum in the world.

As we announced it to you a few days ago, DNP has open a museum laboratory to present Louvre masterworks with a new twist: interactivity, digital approach, RFID,…

Ubiq’window is installed in the room which hosts the masterpiece from Gericault, bringing interactivity (1) (2)on a large 6 meter glass pannel. Ubiq’window is associated with RFID which turns the language of the application to the users automatically and provide other personalisation features.

DNP and the Musee du Louvre explain what is the MUSEUM LAB. DNP’s introduction is very promising:
"Start of a revolutionary project that invites you to take approach to works of art. A place intended  to enable the (re)discovery of works or art in order to enhance their comprehension and appreciation. An innovation method of approach to works of art offers you information tailored  to your needs on masterpieces  in the collection  of the Musee du Louvre."

This installation is in the continuation of The Digital Louvre.
More recently DNP equipped their RFID solutions showroom with Catchyoo Playground.

We still have not visited it in its final version because it is packed of people. Now you can plan a visit if you are in Tokyo.

The press release in Japanese 日本語 is here.

DNP’s MUSEUM LAB web site.