Our thirst post in the Xmas series uses Catchyoo`s Reveal Mode 2 FX to make mushrooms looks very hallucinogenic.

Walking visitors transform the color of the picture as they move on floor. This can be apply to all other images of course. This is only an example.

This kind of FX inevitably attracts the eyes of users to messages. it is also a great tool for space design (shops, showroom, events,…).

This FX can be easily used with Catchyoo in cluster.

Catchyoo can be put in cluster with seamless junctions between screens making a huge interactive space. There is no limits in size for some FX like this one.

Careful viewers will have notice the message on the FX. This is a hint about what is coming up in 2007: a franchisee program… more to come on this. But you can already inquire.