The ultimate graal in the museum industry is to bring the depth and richness of the digital world together with exhibited objects, artifacts, master pieces…

AirStrike offers a solution for interaction with those real objects but also with distant screen.

The present example is both simple to deploy and highly effective.

An AirStrike is integrated into the exhibition stand. The front rear is a plasma display. Objects, here precious Japanese ceramics are inside a glass case, out of reach from visitors.

Visitors can interact in 2 different ways.

1- They can point at an object to get information about this precise object: artist, technique, dates, etc…

2- They can also directly point at the LCD screen and navigate into digital contents: chronology, media archives, etc…

Visitors do not need to touch the glass or any device. Gestures are natural and intuitive.

Similar AirStrike deployments have been made in museums around the word.

Of course, this configuration is not limited to museum but can also serve jewellery, showrooms, luxury boutiques,…  The design is free as technology remains invisible.

Please enjoy the movie in HD.