A next-gen FX is added today to Catchyoo’s library. This "Tap the mole"-like FX lets Catchyoo partners and customers integrate interactive animated sequences in Catchyoo to create games, or engaging interactive advertising campaigns.

Any sequence can be uploaded as a ZIP file so that Catchyoo partners can propose rotating 3D effects, movings animals, cartoon grade images, movies-in-movie effects, locally, and without any software development. No expensive Flash, no C, just pictures and sounds.
This new FX can also integrates Quicktime (TM) movies (H.264) in addition to DivX (TM) or Xvid movies. This new compliance with QuickTime (TM) will be general on all future Catchyoo FX available to Catchyoo in order to ease the work of creative people and prevent loss of quality.
The new FX is now part of the FX library and can be customized thousand ways for playful campaigns.