Contract between:

LM3LABS s.a.r.l. 300, route des Cretes, 06560 Sophia-Antipolis


Robin Groenevelt 315 Allée des Arbousiers 06330 Roquefort les Pins, France

In the perspective of creating business synergies between LM3LABS and Robin Groenevelt, LM3LABS s.a.r.l. will share a desk at their office at Les Espaces Antipolis, 300, route des Cretes, 06560 Sophia-Antipolis.

This contract rules the relationship between LM3LABS and Robin Groenevelt related to this office share.


LM3LABS is the face contractor to Les Espaces Antipolis and all contracts and decisions related to real estate, office, desk are taken by LM3LABS.

As for Les Espaces, Robin Groenevelt will belong to LM3LABS’ team. Peter Groenevelt will join under the LM3LABS “umbrella”, as a “contractor”. LM3LABS will share a LM3LABS e-mail address with Robin Groenevelt for general communication with Les Espaces’ owner.

Robin Groenevelt will follow LM3LABS’ instructions regarding the  real estate, networking and security. Robin Groenevelt will communicate to LM3LABS any issue, problem, request.


Equipment brought by Robin Groenevelt remains to Robin Groenevelt. It must be declared to LM3LABS on a share Google Sheet.
Robin Groenevelt must have the proper insurance to cover his equipment left at Les Espaces.
All other equipment not belonging to Robin Groenevelt belongs to LM3LABS or Les Espaces.
LM3LABS is not responsible of security beyond its basic responsibilities.


Robin Groenevelt will benefit from Les Espaces services as a LM3LABS contracting staff. The services include a desk and chair, air conditioning, office cleaning, networking, access to various facilities. Robin Groenevelt cannot use the services under Mathecsys name.


LM3LABS will share LM3LABS’ private and secure LAN/WiFi Network with Robin Groenevelt who can also connects to Les Espaces free/public WiFi network at his own risks.
Robin Groenevelt will make all efforts to keep LM3LABS’ networks confidential and private. He will never share it with external guests, even temporarily.


There is no duration commitment from any side but a 1 (one) month notice.
Each side can notify a termination of the collaboration in written by e-mail.



A contribution to this collaboration is requested to Robin Groenevelt. The payment of this contribution is due monthly, in Euro, by credit card, as a subscription on LM3LABS web site. The payment can be suspended at any time with a 1 (one) month notice.
An invoice will be automatically sent by e-mail to Robin Groenevelt as soon as the payment is done.


This contract is confidential and covered by signed NDA.


This contract is signed electronically and is ruled by the French Court.

Signed at Sophia-Antipolis on 01/04/2016


Nicolas Loeillot


Robin Groenevelt:

Signed on 04/01/2016 02:23PM
IP Address: