A Vision in Action

The founding team of LM3LABS was determined to change the way people interact with the digital world.

At a time when the world was focused on virtual worlds, LM3LABS’ engineers were designing ways to bring more pleasant digital experiences into the real world thanks to non-intrusive computer vision technologies.

Since then, LM3LABS did not stop working at building easier interactions, making them always easier and enjoyable.

This unique vision which grow everyday from new experiences serves many industries. We look forward to sharing this vision and expertise with you.


Nicolas Loeillot

Nicolas Loeillot

co-Founfer & CEO

Nicolas brings 20 years of experience in computer vision technologies. He spares free time to practice Kyudo, the Japanese traditional archery.

Yumiko Misaki

Yumiko Misaki


Yumiko nurtures a sharp eye on market trends and customer needs. You may hear her telling that “Baseball is life”.


“Keep thy shop, and thy shop will keep thee.”

Benjamin Franklin

LM3LABS is a self-funded company. Because of this independence and customer focus, LM3LABS has been able to create innovative product which answer customers’ needs while bringing the computer vision innovation forward.

We are welcoming potential investors.