Ichikawa Literature Museum Completion

Ichikawa Literature Museum Completion

LM3LABS completed the installation of the Ichikawa Literature Museum. + The need The City of Ichikawa, in the Chiba Prefecture, came to LM3LABS with the project to create an audio-visual centre at the Ichikawa Literature Museum in order to improve the visitors' experience. Curators initially thought about showing simple movies, playing in loop. + Our answer [...]

3D touchless interface for Tohoku University Sendai

Sendai has made the headlines in 2011 as a victim of the major tsunami that stroke Japan's North East seashore and the Daiichi nuclear power plant catastrophe. As a result of this terrible event, Tohoku University is now focusing their research on alternative power generation solutions and they equipped with a complex solar system. As [...]

Touchless Macao installation

Here is a nice example of Ubiq'window installation deployed by Hong Kong-based TVS for a watch shop in Macao. Ubiq'window allows touchless, invisible yet precise interaction with any content on large surface. As touchless technology and gesture control are finally getting from limelight they deserve, it is good to remind that Ubiq'window is deployed in [...]

Protected: T. equip with Ubiq’window and Catchyoo

Toshiba equip with Ubiq'window and Catchyoo Toshiba Nuclear unveiled their new Executive Briefing Center equipped with LM3LABS' interactive technologies. A 12 meter nuclear plant core is projected on the floor from a 10 meter high 20.000 lumens video-projection and made interactive with Catchyoo Reloaded, the new, linux-based version of Catchyoo. Visitor can interact with different [...]